Our office havens in a quiet corner of the most eventful area of Gold Coast neighborhood. We hope you wouldn't mind our confusing location.

Checks and Balances locates at commercial site of Newberry Plaza (1030 N. State Street). The entrance to Checks and Balances office  is humbly hidden behind Dublin Irish Pub at 1050 N. State Street.

After entering the revolving door, head to the end, there is private elevator take you to the 3rd floor.

For parking information: Pull your car into Newberry Plaza's Garage on State Street. Ask Kathy for free parking voucher - 3 hour parking value, when you leave our office.


1050 N. State Street Suite 301 Chicago IL 60610 US

Hotline:         312 329 9258
Telephone:   312 329 9244
Fax:              312 329 2473