We can help you with your taxes

Checks and Balances is a place you can turn to for tax problem solving in Chicago, IL.

We are well versed in all forms of tax assistance, whether you are faced with the need of tax debt relief, tax delinquency issues, or other tax issues. Payroll taxes are often a source of problems for small businesses, and businesses and individuals alike are often faced with having to deal with back taxes.

Katherine Gilbert, President of Checks & Balances, is member of American Society of Tax Problem Solvers with more than 30 year experienced as a federally-authorized Enrolled Agent who can represent you before the IRS regarding all your important tax matters with the knowledge and experience you deserve.

If you are overwhelmed with a tax bill that you don't know how to handle by yourself, we can help you get your life back with a fee you can afford.

Tax solutions can take many forms. A tax problem is not always the fault of the taxpayer. The IRS and state tax agencies are quite capable of making errors, some of which favor the taxpayer and some of which do not. It can at times be virtually impossible for an individual a business to determine if an error has been made or the extent of the error without outside assistance. Checks and Balances can offer that assistance, and we usually arrive at a solution in short order.

Another area in which the tax solutions Checks and Balances can offer help is when a taxpayer is simply unable to pay or when the burden of back taxes has become too great. This is an area in which we have the expertise to work with the taxing agency to seek a measure of relief, relief that can at times be significant.

We can assist you if you are faced with the possibility of wage garnishment or property seizure. We can help you with collecting due process repeals or conducting a statute of limitations analysis on taxes that have been delinquent for a long period of time. There are in fact very few tax problems you might face for which we cannot find a suitable and workable solution. If your tax problems are making you feel as if you are on a sinking ship, schedule an appointment with us today. Initial consultations are free.



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