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Many businesses and individuals have tax problems.  Maybe they have been unable to deposit or pay taxes or file tax returns on time.  Perhaps they owe the IRS and want to negotiate or settle.  Perhaps the IRS has decided to audit their tax returns.  Perhaps they want to appeal an IRS decision.  Perhaps they want to recover a penalty they feel was unfair.  The list goes on…

Since many taxpayers may seek advice when they must face the IRS, you should be aware of our professional taxpayer representation services.  I know how to resolve IRS problems.  As a federally authorized tax practitioner, I can offer you complete understanding of IRS internal operating procedures and unparalleled IRS representation backed up by years of experience.

I am prepared to help your customers or associates file past due returns, submit installment payment proposals or offers to compromise liabilities, and recover penalties.  I appear before the IRS in behalf of taxpayers who are being audited and negotiate settlements with IRS Appeals.  I am here to resolve IRS problems for business and individual taxpayers who need help.  In addition, I prepare complex income tax returns for taxpayers who want to avoid problems with the IRS.  Tell them to call me at 312.329.9244


Tax Relief Program

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Tax Solutions

• OFFER IN COMPROMISE: Did you know it’s possible to settle your debt with the Internal Revenue Service for less than the IRS says you owe? If you owe a substantial amount in back taxes to the government, you may be eligible to participate in the Offer in Compromise program. I can represent you to make an offer to the IRS that could settle your tax debt for significantly less than you owe.

• LEVY RELEASE: When the IRS has attached your bank account or paycheck, it will create an economic hardship. I can help you as you pay your taxes by releasing the levy.

• INSTALLMENT PAYMENTS:  Are you earning a good living but are just unable to pay the back taxes? The Installment Agreement may be an option. The Installment Agreement can put you back in control of your financial future.

• HARDSHIP DEFERRAL: If paying anything now would cause a hardship, your account can be put on the back burner until your situation improves. The IRS wants proof.

• PAYROLL TAX DELINQUENCY: The top priority for IRS Collection employees. You have to make a strong case to convince the IRS that your business should stay open.

• UNFILLED RETURNS: The IRS will not negotiate with you until everything is filed.

• TAX LIEN STRANGLEHOLD: Your property is tied up, your credit rating is ruined. I can get it lifted to allow you to sell or refinance.

• PENALTY REDUCTION: If you have a reasonable cause, penalties may be forgiven.

• UNDOING THAT AUDIT: If you didn't respond to an audit letter but have your documentation now I can get the excess tax and penalties eliminated.