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Did you know that EAs (certified by IRS), like Checks and Balances/ Kathy Gilbert, are uniquely well-positioned to help with your planning services?

They already hold the position of a trusted adviser and are the primary point of contact for your records so it makes sense to at least check out their planning options.

Check and Balances also offers bookkeeping, as well as monthly accounting for their business owners.

Let Kathy look at the whole picture. The reality is that every piece of the client's overall financial picture has a tax element that we are well-positioned to address. Call Kathy at (312) 329 9244 today.

Financial Planning


Forget financial wizards and brokers forget life insurance and annuities.  Do what grandma told you.  Grow your savings.   Put money in Charles Schwab growth fund and manage your own money. 

Checks and Balances will help to learn about different choices and their implications so that you can make the decisions work for you.

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