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Are you a freelancers, startup entrepreneurs, service providers, remote teams and looking for a sharing office with all office conveniences included?

We provide office sharing service that you can feel like your own office with Professional Business Address, Mail and Packaging Handling, High Speed Internet, Secure Working Place, Photocopy &  Printer Available, Kitchen Access.

Service Fee:

- Office Desk Sharing: $500/ month

- Business Address with Mailing and Packaging Handling: $250/ month

- Conference Room: $50/ hour

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Checks and Balances is a local notary public in Chicago, IL. We are fully commissioned, certified, and insured to perform the types of services a notary is normally call upon to execute, and we have been specifically authorized to perform these services in the state of Illinois. The basic function we perform in this role is to witness the signing of important documents and administer oaths pertaining to the truthfulness of those documents.

When an oath has been administered and a document signed in the presence of a notary, it is said to be notarized. Notarized documents become legal documents. When we perform notary public services, the identity of the signer needs to be verified, and at times we need to take extra steps to ensure the integrity of the signer or to verify that the signer is signing willingly and knowingly. Only then will we officially witness the signing of a document.

Our clients and customers need to understand that we cannot notarize any document if we have in any way assisted in its preparation. Our notary public responsibilities require that we serve as impartial witnesses. There are certain legal documents that only the originating issuer can notarize, and we cannot normally notarize copies of such documents. We can however notarize most documents pertaining to an individual’s or business’s financial or tax situation.

You are invited to visit our office when in need of the services of a notary public.An appointment is usually not necessary for most types of documents as long as the signer’s identity can be verified and as long as Checks and Balances does not have a financial interest in the document or documents being signed.Type your paragraph here.